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art, culture and ideas

issue fourteen: Film


Cover by Lindsay Seers



'Garageland 14 is, at heart, a collection of adoring love letters to film. Images framed on glossy white paper are like screens in which we might catch movement or a narrative, its content page reads like rolling credits, interviews run like scripts, a thumbnail strip resembles a storyboard. This issue of the magazine is edited and produced with all the visible traces of film fanaticism.'
Francesca Brooks


Michael Borremans
‘If a painting could just breathe or have a slight movement in light,
or turn very slightly, it would improve.’

Michael Hammond
Like meeting a celebrity, I set out to meet locations.’

Guy Maddin
‘I’ve always liked completely artificial cinema.’


Lindsay Seers
Photographing and filming as performative gesture.

Cathy Lomax’s Film Diary
Stilled souvenirs from the island of cinematic no-time.


Estates on film
From Haggerston reveries to Dagenham fish tanks.

The Close-up
‘We didn’t need dialogue, we had faces.’

Anatomy of Hell
The New French Extremity of Catherine Breillat.

Work out videos
Pelvic thrusts, skin tight clothing and slightly dizzy women giving encouraging instructions.

Space and Solitude
To boldly go where no man has gone before.


Rebecca Thomas & Electrick Children
‘I learned Final Cut Pro in high school and quickly fell in love with editing.’

Nigeria’s very own dream factory.

And lots lots more from...
Michael Ajerman, Phillip Allen, Matthew Barrington, Mia Bays, David Blandy, Phoebe Blatton, Andrew Bracey, Francesca Brooks, Kirsty Buchanan, Duncan Carson, Jackie Chettur, Sarah Cleaver, Gareth Evans, Patrick Galway, Alistair Gentry, Michael Hammond, Claire Hooper, Phil Illingworth, Paul Kindersley, Chris Koning, Cathy Lomax, Kristen Lovelock, Dominic From Luton, Alex Michon, Stephanie Moran, Eleanor Moreton, Michaela Nettell, Natalie Oleksy-Piekarski, James Payne, Naomi Pearce, Alex Pearl, Zoe Pilger, Rachel Potts, Anders Ramsell, Paul Richards, Sophia Satchell-Baeza, Vanessa Scully, Alli Sharma, Corinna Spencer, Shula Subramaniam, Emma Talbot, Mimei Thompson, Alice Turner, Miloslav Vorlicek, Joseph Walsh, Jo Wilmot, David Wojtowycz, Nicola Woodham, Rose Wylie, Trish Wylie, Catherine Zinovieff.


And extra online exclusives
Ella Plevin: Emo Cinema in the Age of Tumblr



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