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art, culture and ideas

issue thirteen: Paint

Breaking news… lots of artists still choose to paint. In many ways, this is quite remarkable given the multitude of reactionary ‘artists’ who give painting a bad name. But despite this and the prevailing agenda at most art schools to dissuade students from using paint as their medium of choice there is a continuing flow of newcomers who actually use paint in innovative and exciting ways. Maybe because of the lack of institutional support, there appears to be a thirst for painting knowledge. About Painting, which accompanied two shows at Transition Gallery and Gallery North, continues to be our most popular publication long after the shows finished and the Painting and Translating issue of Garageland, edited by Emma Talbot, is also a best seller. Thus the idea for the Paint issue of Garageland evolved so that we could continue to develop the dialogue about, by and for artists who use the gloopy stuff.

Issue highlights include interviews with Wilhelm Sasnal and Ryan Mosley, Carol Mavor on the colour blue, conceptual painting, The Perfect Nude, new landscape painting, Mexican votives and does Neo Rausch still 'have it'.

Cathy Lomax


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Wilhelm Sasnal, Selfportrait, 2010






Cover by Ryan Mosley (a limited edition print of the cover painting, signed by the artist, is available from the Transition Shop)





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