E8: The Heart of Hackney

Emily Cole . Gary O'Connor . walkwalkwalk . Laura Oldfield-Ford .
Tom Hunter . Barbaresi & Round . Hilary Jack . Matthew Stock

16 June - 15 July 2007 Fri-Sun 12-6pm

Barbaresi & Round

Homes and Housing

'Hot water, a bathroom, an inside loo, a view over the whole of the city and Victoria Park. We could have a firework display on the Thames, commentary on the radio and we would sit on our balcony with our wine and cheese. It was gorgeous. And in six months it was hell.' Bella Callaghan

'We are interested in the affects that varying housing stock have on inhabitants - and how they habitate. E8 has a unique spectrum of housing, from Georgian townhouse to Victorian terrace to pre-war walk up to post-war tower block to post-welfare state starter home rabbit hutch.

Our work uses housing density statistics that have been reconfigured to interpret the use of space in different parts of the postcode. This prompted us to think about the overspill and the move out to respectable suburbs or a new town like Basildon. We have been visiting these places and made some wall drawings using gathered imagery.'

Barbaresi & Round - Overspill