Luci Eyers


Luci Eyers and Alex Michon will be talking about East London artists and art spaces on 7 May at 3pm

Luci Eyers, Wall (animation still), 2017, watercolour on paper, 21x29.7cm

Luci Eyers' animations relate to a neighbouring building with a history as varied as Regent Studios: Firmback Works, which is currently a car pound, but was earlier a Magdalene Home - a British Penitent Female Refuge aiming to 'restore guilty females to the paths of virtue'. In 1875 it became an Industrial School for Girls. A report from 1896 explains 'that although situated in a crowded neighbourhood it was exceptionally well off for light and air… The playground was ample and well fitted with swings.'

Eyers presents two visually pared down animations in the gallery. Swing shows a girl swinging, her simplicity quite different to Fragonard's famously frilly The Swing. Political positions have become more polarized again and Eyers hopes to reflect this by evoking 'different moods in the to-ing and fro-ing: one open and dynamic; and the other retreating and withdrawn.' Her second animation, Wall, is shown at a more intimate scale, and depicts a woman climbing over a wall again and again, assisted by a second woman, forever locked in the process of escape.

Luci Eyers, Swing (detail from animation still), 2016, pencil on paper, 21x29.7cm


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