Andrew Kötting

Andrew Kötting, Klipperty Klöpp2, 2017, video HD

Filmmaker Andrew Kötting, in an ironic response, re-vists his film Klipperty Klöpp, made 33 years ago, of a artist repeatedly and energetically running around a field in Gloucestershire pretending to be a horse. He describes the work as a 'post-punk piece of pagan happening – part Benny Hill part Joseph Beuys'. In the re-make, Klipperty Klöpp2, Kötting's protagonist this time is a woman moving very slowly within the landscape. Married up shot for shot with the original super 8 footage, Kotting changing the 'he' to 'she' likes to see the work as an artefact dug up and represented in the gallery space.


Andrew Kötting. Klipperty Klöpp2, 2017, video HD, looping single screen stereo projection shown along with original film Klipperty Klöpp (1984) on second monitor. The two-monitor installation also includes two (sump) oil paintings


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