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Elvis said “When I was a boy, I was the hero in comic books and movies. I grew up believing in a dream. Now I’ve lived it out. That’s all a man can ask for.”
Sleeve notes - Elvis Louisiana '55

May 13th 1955, Jacksonville Florida, Elvis’s performance at the Gator Bowl caused a riot, the first of its kind in rock’n’roll history... Hank Snow, Slim Whitman and others watched in amazement and fear when audience members jumped onto the stage and began tearing Elvis’s clothes off him. Critics claimed watching Elvis perform was like watching a striptease while sipping milk. He looked to be decent and lewd, proper and sexual and steamy but cool... Elvis naively teased “girls I’ll see you backstage”. Taking his cue, fourteen thousand fans grappled to leap on stage and rip off Elvis’s pink shirt, white jacket and shoes..
Sleeve notes - Elvis Louisiana '55

I want to, I want to be someone else or I’ll explode
Floating upon the surface for the birds, the birds, the birds.

Talk Show Host - Radiohead

Suspend your belief and enter Alleyoops. This is a place teetering on the edge of social chaos, where fame and fulfilment are no longer transient, a masquerade where you can be whoever you want to. In this otherworldly wishworld of make-believe glamour the gothic is absolutely de rigueur

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