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Sense And Sensibility: Artists Take On History

9 May - 1 June 2003
Private View  Friday 9 May 6-8.30

Melanie Rose

The paintings I make have two distinct qualities; they are seductive and obsessive celebrations of the concept of nature and also flat, artificial, lifeless representations with an architectural quality.

This painting has a deliberate historical emphasis. The background design is a wallpaper discovered at 48 Broadwick Street, London from 1775. In turn the design is based upon the plant Clusia Rosea first illustrated in Cateby's Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands in 1743.

The context in which images are read determine our understanding of the world, yet what we see only has significance if there is a point of reference.







Clusia Rosea x Broadwick Street 1775 -
Emulsion and Acrylic on Canvas