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Scritch Scratch
12 April - 4 May 2003

Delaine Le Bas

Shows a series of new, layered drawings on glass and paper, her Romany roots expressed in an exuberance of decorative style, anger and melancholia.
Often classified, as an Outsider artist, Delaine’s work is both girly and confrontational; she uses what she wants in the way she wants.

2002 Wanted Dead or Alive - James Coleman, London E1
2002 Outsiders at Broomhill – Broomhill Art Hotel,
     Barnstaple, Devon
2001 Obsessive Visions: Art Outside The Mainstream -
     England & Co, London
2001 Outlaws – The Diorama, London NW1
2001 Outsiders @ The October – October Gallery, London
2000 D’Art Singular – Roquevaire, Aubagne, France


You Think You're In Heaven But Really You're In Hell - 1
Various media - 51x75cm - 2003