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Preview - Friday 13 June 2003
Show - 14 - 29 June 2003  Fri -Sun  12 -6

Emi Avora
Utterly Unexpected - Acrylic on Canvas Life In Red - Acrylic on Canvas
There is an idea that architecture is an abstract representation of the human body. But what if the building is unbalanced, the proportions are distorted; there is no symmetry or functioning? Do the foundations collapse or does the building gain another sort of elegance?

As we always judge everything by analogy to our own bodies, in our eyes, a space transforms immediately into a creature. Shapes that we cannot entirely comprehend become unrecognisable bodies; we are unable to understand them entirely. This difficulty in understanding creates a curious uneasiness.

Paintings of spaces create an image of an architecture that not only, hasn't got real depth, but is also playing upon the ambiguities between absolute flatness and infinite depth. The bodies in these imaginary spaces become shadows, ghosts that are flat but also exist everywhere. The space seems to encircle them and finally digest them. Painted images of spaces can have visual and sensational powers depending on the illusion they create and the depiction of light or rather the contrast between ‘absolute light and absolute darkness’. The lines are not absolutely defined, in order to allow unlimited space and the elusive ‘magic’ of light. This also adds to the body’s melting into the space, its replacement by the surroundings. The vagueness in favour of unlimited space and illusion of light provides a space for dreaming. The images become psychological spaces, they are not representations but indications that exist between the real and the fictional. The intersection of these two, positions the viewer into places of wonder.

Emi Avora 2003